Business consulting

Frequent monitoring of all business processes within a single entity or a project allows early diagnosis of problems, their timely treatment, with the aim of quality deployment, increased productivity and cost reduction.

Analyzing investment opportunities, assessment of investment potential

Before making any decision to enter into a particular investment, it is necessary to make the planning steps in connection with the examination of strengths and weaknesses of the investment. By using this service our customers investment risk volumes to a minimum.

Intermediation in the implementation of public – private partnership

Realization of investment in the form of public-private partnership in the Balkans is very laborious and tedious process with a number of administrative barriers. LAZIC Consulting will help you get through all the procedures together.

Development of business plans

Good planning of each job is an essential prerequisite for success. In case you decide to start your own initiative LAZIC Consulting is the place where you should start. Management will work with you to create the optimal business plan defining and pointing you to the threshold of profitability. We will analyze all the potential costs that will be exposed, as well as the risks and benefits with which you can carry in your business.

EU projects

We offer services of development projects financed by different EU programs and funds. Our team and partners are experts in different fields, and certified project managers. We also offer development studies, feasibility studies and investment studies. Managerial, technical and technological knowledge and experience of our team and our associates, and the expertise of our partners guarantee the quality of services provided.

Monitoring investment priorities

It is not possible at any time satisfy all the demand and needs at the level of specific business initiatives, at the level of a community or region. Therefore, it is essential to identify the time of investment and development priorities. LAZIC Consulting offers services for the early identification of investment priorities, and better positioning of your business, your community or your region in future development processes.

Marketing consultancy

Marketing is a process that is composed of a series of identical important elements. Neglecting one of them, or their total mismatch could jeopardize achievement of goals or diminish the impact of efforts undertaken. For these reasons, LAZIC Consulting offers its clients full support in marketing, complementing the core business marketing consulting services with trusted partners to make the final result was a distinctive, strong and successful brand.



Business collaboration we will provide you that your projects are identified, it is easier to find partners and investors.

What will be your business link?

• Establishing strong links with a network of local service providers,

• Establish communication with key stakeholders,

• Support business cooperation and organizing business meetings,

• To provide added value to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs by increasing the number of contacts, meetings and opening new business opportunities.